The Rise of Fashion and Technology in UK

The innovation of fashion in this era has become modernized. Designers come up with more high-tech fashion concepts. One of these is the so-called wearable technology.

The Difference It Makes

Wearable technology is a fashion concept that incorporates the accessories and clothing into advanced electronic technologies and computer. One of these concepts is the creation of Twitter Dress. It is kind of haute couture digital dress that is made of French silk chiffon and adorned with more than 2,000 LED lights and 500 Swarovski crystals. The lights send Tweets that appears on the dress. This is designed by CuteCircuit which is the first fashion company that offers clothing made from microelectronics and smart textile.

History of Wearable Technology

The first launching of wearable technology was held in 2014 in London. The fashion concept itself comes from the creative fashion designers in UK. This is how UK has a fashion and tech advantage. Most of the fashion designers in UK have incorporated the wearable technology in their fashion designs. Among the first to create this fashion concept is the CuteCircuit which is based in London. Their creations include the Kinetic Dress, Hug Shirt, M-Dress, Galaxy Dress and TshirtOS, among others.